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Room Reveal Master Bedroom Retreat

After making over our guest room last fall, I was inspired to shake things up in our master bedroom. I realized the airy, Zen vibe of the guest room was exactly what I was craving in our master.


Here’s a look at it:Coupled with the fact that our room needed additional storage, and I wanted a proper bed, I knew this project was a perfect way to ring in the New Year!

Here’s what are room looked like before. We did like it, just wanted a more neutral palette, and again, some much needed storage.


I had my eye on the gorgeous Frontgate bed for sometime, so that was an easy choice. I’ve always wanted a winged bed and I knew I’d enjoy its classic shape and nailhead detailing for years to come. Sadly, it’s now out of stock, but this one was a close second. Frontgate is one of the few companies I can purchase pieces online as their quality is consistently top notch.


To that end, I fell in love with their Gustavian chest, it’s timeless and beautiful. Living with it, I can confirm it’s crafted just as beautifully; it’s solid and heirloom quality indeed! Our emerald brushstroke lamp, paired with a lively jewel tone floral, pumps up the volume in this vignette.


From there, all that was required were fun aesthetic updates.  Matte stone is a finish offered in our new lamp shapes (it looks like cement which I adore), so I choose it for our clover lamps. I love the weight & texture they add to the nightstands!


Fittingly, a new Inslee figure study took the place of the blue one (also by her). I just love the lines and femininity of them.

I had been pinning Schumacher’s Lotus Garden print for sometime, using it for few throw pillows, adds just enough interest while still feeling serene. A bolster in our blush brushstroke fabric adds a bit of whimsy and femininity.  


We are loving our refreshed retreat, it’s cool, calm and uncluttered. When life is as hectic as it is, I think a bedroom that feels like an escape is essential!


For easy and impactful solutions, I always find that pairing down clutter, weekly laundering the sheets, and keeping a favorite candle on-hand; are ways that ensure a bedroom feels like a special space to unwind! 


If you’ve been following along on my One Room Challenge, you know that for a few reasons I decided to makeover both our guest bedroom, and our son, Orion’s bedroom.

If you missed the guest room reveal last week, you can view it here. Zeb (my other stepson) was visiting from college last weekend and reported he dug the room’s vibe, and that the eucalyptus garland made it smell like California. Compliments from my stepsons are the best as they’re the hardest earned and indeed earnest! 

To that end, Orion is enjoying his updated space too. My favorite response from him was that he found the oversized scale of the flag with the brushstroke lamp to be a “pretty cool combo.”

Here’s a look at his room before:


And now:


Here’s why his room works:


His palm headboard was quite fun but on the youthful side for a 17 yr old. Reupholstering it in Schumacher’s Nuba fabric was the perfect solve. There’s so much movement in the pattern, it’s energetic yet sophisticated, and luxuriously thick. Now it’s a bed he can take with him to college.



Both of our sons love to skateboard & I was thrilled to find this skateboard park scene captured on Artfully Walls. It layers in the street vibe, and is the perfect piece to tie together the loose theme of the room.


I choose our mini blue scribble lamp for the nightstand to highlight the blue in the skater’s shirt. I love the small scale of the lamp in this space too. The fun op-art is by my talented friend, Gina Julian.


I’ve also always adored the spirit of Kristi Kohut’s pieces. I knew her “Leave a Big Mark” would add the color and energy the space needed to feel authentically cool. I already know it will be making appearances throughout our home.


I don’t love the carpet but wasn’t up for replacing it just yet. A flea market cowhide rug, layered over a sisal we had in storage, hits the right balance for this relaxed space.

I’m so happy with how the spaces came together that they’ve actually inspired me to refresh our master bedroom! I know it will be small tweaks but I’m already excitedly planning! I hope you’ll stay tuned, and you can always follow along with my scheming on Instagram and Pinterest!

All photos by Marta Perez, styling assistance by Emily Schoen

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ORC Fall 2018 Reveal Pt 1 - Guest Room

If you’ve been following along on my One Room Challenge, you know that for a few reasons I decided to makeover both our guest bedroom, and our son, Orion’s bedroom.

I could not be more excited with how the rooms turned out! As to not overwhelm you, I’m sharing the guest room reveal today and Orion’s tomorrow. The guest room, is very Zen and Cali-calm; a perfect end to the chaos in transforming the spaces in five short weeks (two of which I was traveling)! 

Here’s a look at the guest room before:


 And now:


I’m just delighted with its serene vibe, you truly feel relaxed when you step inside. Here’s why the room works:

Must – a new bed

First off, our old bed was a DIY gone wrong and needed replacing. I knew I wanted a low profile one for the room to feel like a cozy retreat. I feel in love the slight curved sides on the GrandinRoad headboard. This design element makes the sleek Scandinavian design also inviting.  As a bonus, it’s so sturdy. I’d highly recommend this bed for small space or city living, you can’t bet the price for the quality.!



The beautifully thick Frontgate rug adds so much warmth and texture, and adds a foundation to the room that it desperately needed.  

The Monocorvo linen by Schumacher is elegant yet has a fresh, airy ease to it. That’s a very delicate balance to hit and exactly what I was hoping to achieve with this room’s aesthetic.

The lamb throw and slip covered chair turned the once cold corner into the coziest of reading spots.


 Vintage pieces

The burl wood nightstands, black gilt mirrors, and Moroccan wedding blanket add depth to make the room feel like it’s already been loved and lived-in.


Finally, I wanted the greenery to look ethereal as well. As I mentioned last week, I used Sarah Sherman Samuel’s and Love on Sundays DIYs for inspiration for my eucalyptus garland. I couldn’t be happier with it and the room smells so good to boot!

I hope you’ll come by for our son’s reveal tomorrow!

Special thanks to my photographer, Marta Perez, for getting the photos back to me for both spaces in 24 hours! Also to Emily Schoen for her impeccable styling assistance!

One Room Challenge - Fall 2018 - Final Stretch

This past week I’ve been working fast and furiously to get my now, 2, One Room Challenges into fine form. I’ve definitely had to get pieces rushed, pull some favors, but I think the guest room and Orion’s are well on their way to greatness!

This is post is super short as everything will come together the day before the shoot. Fingers crossed this gorgeous swivel chair (that I want for every room in my home) will make the shoot! The Frontgate team is working their hardest to rush my last minute order, and I cannot say enough great things about their customer service!


Now, two sneak peeks of the rooms on items I could control.

For the guest bedroom (zen retreat) I was unsure of the direction I wanted to go with the artwork. Enter Pinterest and two beautiful DIYs from Love on Sundays & Sarah Sherman Samuel:


Left, Amy’s from Love on Sundays, ironically for her ORC & inspired by Sarah Sherman Samuels DIY, right


With dowels, floral wire, and eucalyptus at hand, I crafted this hanging piece that I’m obsessed with! It’s drying now but still looks and smells beautiful. I love the ethereal feel it adds to the space. 

In a complete 180, Orion’s hip, Cali space, is giving me all the feels. I shopped our home and used our cowhide rug to hide the carpet. My parent’s long treasured gift, their record collection, couple with Kristi Kohut’s piece makes me wish this was my room!


 I cannot wait to share the reveals with you next week! I’m anticipating they won’t be finished, finished, but definitely exciting transformations from what they were!

Wish me luck and I hope you’ll come back next week for my progress updates!

Come back next Wednesday for updates, and In the interim, you can find my scheming on Instagram & pinterest.


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